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What is WallsmART?

You know the problem - you are having a conversation in person, with a group of people, or increasingly common, video conference calls in noisy areas, and it can make for a stressful environment. A lot of home and work spaces are built and decorated with stylish, hard surface walls and floors which look great, but can cause noise reflections to rebound faster than a bullet. Ambient noise levels only grow as people compete to be heard. To help alleviate the problem, sound absorbing solutions can be sought, but these are sometimes ugly and if you don’t want your room to look like a recording studio, perhaps a WallsmART product can be a part of the solution? Ofcourse in some cases, simply adding a large, thick rug to the floor can drastically reduce noise levels in ‘booming’ rooms, but WallsmART panels can certainly be a part of the soft furnishings environment.

The Solution…

WallsmART panels are a bespoke product in either Lite or Pro versions and are built with sound absorbing foam (as used in recording studios), integrated behind a digital print, for a more pleasing aesthetic. If you are going to have something on the wall to dampen sound reflections, why not make it a beautiful picture or a piece of art that says something about you?
Send us your image and we will make it fit for you (subject to resolution and quality). Pictures can be Portrait or Landscape but please state so the fixing positions can be allowed for.

WallsmART Lite

Constructed from an MDF base frame, the panels are filled with professional grade sound absorbing foam and canvas wrapped with a very high quality, digitally printed fabric canvas media. The print is fixed in place like all canvas wrap panels with staples to the rear and finished with brown framing tape (the Gallery Wrap finish is standard).
Because of the quality of construction, there is a bit of weight to each panel. so we recommend using walls screws to hang on. The system couldn't be simpler, with holes drilled in the rear, set in at 80mm centres from the corners. Then it's just a case of placing the panel holes over the protruding screws for a nice flush fit to the wall.
Below prices are inclusive of VAT. Packaging and carriage dependant on quantity ordered, so final cost will be quoted by email. Invoice will be via PayPal to be paid with order confirmation.
WallsmART Lite panels are 57mm deep and created up to 900mm x 1830mm (portrait or landscape) using the standard dimensions below, but please ask if you have a custom size in mind. For anything larger, please refer to the
WallsmART Pro series.

600mm Units

600mm x 600mm - £114

600mm x 900mm - £144

600mm x 1220mm - £179

600mm x 1525mm - £224

600mm x 1830mm - £266

900mm Units

900mm x 900mm - £209

900mm x 1200mm - £272

900mm x 1525mm - £314

900mm x 1830mm - £359

WallsmART Pro

Constructed from MDF and spray painted with a gloss black surround. The prints in these panels utilise a Tensile Fabric System (TFS) using an aluminium profile to the inner edge and tensile, Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) inserted into the profile, making for a very taught image across the face. Apart from looking amazing, they have the added benefit of being interchangeable, meaning that if you get bored/tired of the image or you just need to temporarily replace the graphic, it means it's easier to just buy a new print and not the entire panel. Ideally suited for larger areas - showrooms, conference rooms, retail etc.
Dimensions are similar but slightly different for the WallsmART Pro range up to a maximum of 2440mm x 1220mm as standard, and the production process is naturally, a bit more involved, so the timescales are a longer.
contact us for costs and lead times.


WallsmART panels are not as effective as pure sound absorbing solutions as each room has it’s own characteristic in terms of acoustic resonance and also, it would take a LOT to truly 'deaden' the sound. As such, there are no hard and fast test results other than to say the panels have been developed by a trumpet playing musician and digital graphic artist/photographer, that needed to reduce the noise in a small bedroom when practicing. Creating a single 1220mm x 600mm picture has certainly improved the harsh noise levels in the room. Naturally, the more panels added, can only enhance the performance (and trumpet playing in this case!).

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